When coacervates landed on this planet , it is really not required to implore that they must have had their share of  fights .  Probably fact of the matter  is,  in other words ,   “to commote is an innate faculty of  all , animate , inanimate,  living and nonliving entities”.  But to our farthest antecedents , the revolution and rotation of “PRESTIGE” as the topic of row over row , might seem utterly surprising.  So , what is it about “PRESTIGE” , that has captivated us or other aforementioned entities. It seems so ravishing to certain characters that they try ingraining each and everything that has the brandname “PRESTIGIOUS” .  Annotate , this includes language also.

Many apologies to Shakespeare , for we leave no basket of words to try and tweak what is his proprietary . Though we usually fail , I also wanted to have this pleasure. So…

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vishwaroopam pushpak and kamal hasan

Recently I watched the controversial movie Vishwaroopam,the sad part is I couldn’t find anything  controversial enough in the movie.

What all I could say about the movie after watching it is that it is explicit in whatever it wanted to show. And being offensive is totally dependent on the viewer’s extent of tolerance.

Most of my friends who watched the movie compared its style to that of Hollywood. But I have one thing to add….the movie is ahead of Hollywood!! Because like many of the Hollywood movies the terrorists are the Muslims…..the Talibans and all, but what Kamal Hassan has done is not to stereotype the minority…the intentions are very evident from the fact that the protagonist is also a Muslim in the movie.

And I guess in a few years, with a greater interaction between various communities of the world…a greater understanding will develop further decreasing the chances of stereotyping!! And so may see a Muslim hero in a Hollywood movie…..

Now coming to another movie of Kamal Hassan  which was released in 1988,the movie was Pushpak Vimaan…It was a silent movie made 24 years before the famous movie ‘The Artist’ was released, which won the french actor Jean Dujardin several accolades including the academy awards…Kamal Hassan  was not even nominated for Oscars…

So all I can say is history repeats itself… times more harshly 🙂