BANG! on time!

My brother has arrived…finally! He has come here to take admission in the prestigious university of Delhi. But it’s a lengthy process. The first cut-off list will arrive and the second and so on…you’ll get an admission,but you have to wait till you find a suitable college with the course of your choice. Or it can be vice-versa for students who prefer college over course.

While running around for the admission of my brother…I somehow ended up revisiting old days! Memories of my college days flooded me. Most of them were either heart touching or funny,the ugly memories have somehow just faded with time.

(I am thankful to God,that I have a good memory which stores only good memories ūüôā )

Since my childhood I have been a late riser. While I was in school my mother used to take care of the school timing. But in college the scene was different. I was staying in a rented apartment with a friend of mine… the major difference between home and this place was that, I could use the snooze button of my alarm clock!!

But just because of that stupid snooze button I was always late for my class,by never less than 10 minutes.

But one exceptional day I was 45 minutes late for an hour long class! (I am not very proud of this :P) On my way I was thinking of reasons why  was I so late..but my brain failed me!! How can I  be 45 minutes late when my place was only 10 minutes of walk away. No traffic jam could stop me from reaching the college on time!

Instead of thinking of any further reasons, I started praying…when I was just outside my class,I signaled my classmates,should I come in? Those who could see me…replied in negative!!

The worst part was yet to come…the teacher saw all this!

Although she was furious yet she said,” welcome your highness”!! Later when I asked my classmates,what had happened,they told me that,when she came in the morning there were only two students in the class..

She was very furious today, she had not allowed anyone to enter the class for 30 minutes! Then she gave a 15 minute lecture on discipline and importance of being on time! And just after that you were there…BANG ON TIME!!


The absurdity

After the delhi rape there were people everywhere,speaking one thing or the other. Everyone made it a point to speak at least something,whether carrying weight or not but at least something. There was one confused soul who said I don’t know what is wrong but there is something rotten here.

Similarly, we had people from media and politics who gave statements towards dented painted women to westernization. No one talked about the lack of consequence as being the reason of increased incidence of crimes.

Now,we have a disaster in Uttarakhand..and now again people have started talking. Talking about everything ranging from the reasons to the consequences.