What is education? Is the mere ability to read or write? Or understand? Or is it something that helps us get some job? the better the job a degree could get you,the more educated you are? or is it some thing else beyond all these simple equations….

The education system that we follow now has been developed during the industrial revolution. And this does not apply to any particular country rather it applies to the whole world. The education system that we follow world over has a basic flaw,a minor one that may go unnoticed but has a large impact on our future citizens. When this system was developing there was a great dearth of people who could understand science. So, those who continued with science were the first class citizens and those who took interest in arts were considered of no use to humanity. And this saga continues to a large extent with minor exceptions.

Prior to this period we have examples of people who were equally good in arts and science. If we measure things on the monetary value(which we should not), Once arts was considered to be one of the most highly paid professions. 

Due to the rigid education system that we follow,we have started punishing students for mistakes. Generally in the from of marks but In worst cases it is corporal. I remember getting beaten up by a teacher for not remembering the names of poets whose poems were in the syllabus. Funny fact is,I still don’t remember those names! But the lesson I learnt from that experience was clear…I should remember everything,that examiner expects me to remember. Neither what I like nor what I should.

But in a child mistakes and creativity go hand in hand. If we stop them from committing mistakes,then we are stopping them from being creative. And creativity is what ends up in the ability to innovate. Just by remembering whatever we are expected to remember,we’ll end up merely knowing things. 

There can be nothing more farcical than expected questions in any examination! Education is about the ability to analyse and react to any unexpected situation in life or lab, in a better and efficient manner.  Unexpected questions,thus will give scope  to think,analyse and innovate. The objectivity in science and subjectivity in arts should be taken care of. 

While reading about great men, I came across a sentence that defined,whom  can we call a great man. A great man is a person who TAKES LESS from the society,and CONTRIBUTES MORE to it. We cannot teach someone to be great,but we can make kids aware  about their social responsibility. No one apart from a kindergarten teacher can tell how a country would be after 50 years.

And finally, we should take care of an important thing,that we are biased towards our own views,towards our own experiences,our perspectives. We should make available to the kids as many perspectives as possible. So that they are able to form one on their own. 🙂