EVES teasing

This evening I went for a walk, I mean there’s nothing so special about going for a walk in the evening. But, it is Thursday and tickets are cheaper in PVR Priya on Thursdays. And as usual students flock in on Thursdays to watch the recent release. Whilst I was on the way towards the Cinema Hall, evening show was over and suddenly the road was full of people. A group of five or six girls were coming from the other side,they were talking about the ‘Bua’ of Kapil Sharma and her pet dialogue “kaun hai ye aadmi?” (who is this man?) suddenly they turned towards me a shouted “ye hai wo aadmi!” (this is the man)

The girls were probably from JNU. I just want to ask them a simple question ,what happens to you people when you are in a group?  I mean everyone talks about “Eve-Teasing” and the problem that it creates in lives of girls. Those girls must be aware about it. They could have set a better example while on their way. To me they were no different than roadside loafers who pass cat calls on girls!  Shouldn’t teasing be gender neutral? Is there anything called Adam teasing? anyone heard about it? anyone!!


THIS IS NOT SERIOUS!! I really liked they way they leered at me….woooo