HOMOSEXUALITY: The Debate Is Still On

Whenever a discussion starts on this topic we see stands ranging from mild to extremes. Some don’t care what the fuss is about, some are tolerant enough to accomodate everyone and others are Gay- Bashers who just can’t withstand a rainbow in the blue sky. I don’t know where do I lie in this spectrum, for I always need enough information before I make an opinion and I think as of now I do not have much knowledge in this context. Anyone who reads this post is free to comment and enlighten me at the bottom of this page. 

The gay bashers consider homosexuality as a disease or an anomaly, an abnormal behaviour. Their normal is narrow, very close to the line of hetero-sexuality and long standing social stigmas. The pro-homosexuals consider this as normal and postulate that in every animal population we have at least 20% of gays. What I feel here is that, we need a lot more of research in this area as it is full of arbitrariness. We all can easily see that definition of normal is arbitrary, definition of aberration is arbitrary, and the 20% hypothesis is arbitrary.

There is a question that whether homosexuality is genetic, physiological or environmental? If it is genetic, then what genes are responsible for this, can gene therapy convert a Homo into a Heterosexual, and should that therapy be called a “therapy” at all? If it is genetic then how is it transferred from one generation to another? We all know Homosexuals can’t reproduce! If it is a mutation then it is impossible to have a mutation rate as high as 20% in every population, if the rate of mutation is normal, then shouldn’t it be called a genetic aberration like we call Down’s syndrome or Klinefelter’s and look out for therapy?

If it is Physiological then where does this drive come from? Is it related to brain functioning? Or a hormonal imbalance? Or perhaps an inability to sniff out proper pheromones? Or is it due to environmental factors? If it is environmental then why does it affect the selected few? Or is because of the awareness about homosexuality; people are accepting it? Is it like tasting coffee which is bitter when you drink it the first time but makes your head spin once you are addicted to it?

We need to give equal weightage to all the parties and allay their respective fears through a dialogue based on scientific arguments. 



One thought on “HOMOSEXUALITY: The Debate Is Still On

  1. We don’t actually have to give equal weight to anything. If it were a choice, who gets to make it? Someone else or the individual him or herself? The choice factor is a moot point.
    I choose to be an art expert. I choose to eat what I eat, and I’ll be damned before anyone else gets to choose who I sleep with.

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