Physics is stranger than Meta-physics.

For some “reality is stranger than fiction”, but for me “Physics is stranger than metaphysics” . It seems incredulous to think about a situation in real life where our height fluctuates with every slight change in our vicinity. We never see ourselves, and for that matter someone else expanding and shrinking whenever a cricket ball is hit past us, which according to cosmic inflation hypothesis holds true. Oh, I forgot to mention, its not a hypothesis anymore, because scientists have already got a proof for that. Its a theory now.

According to this theory, the gravitational waves from the ball disturb the space-time continuum and cause fluctuations,but this can’t be seen or measured due to the small size of the ball. If we assume the ball to be made up of matter that makes the whole universe, the quantum of change would certainly be measurable. This is what the scientists have proved using the BICEP2 telescope. It was hypothesised that 10^-36 seconds after the big bang the universe was of the size of a proton but soon after( about 10^-33 seconds later) it was of the size of an orange. During this rapid expansion a lot of microwave(a type of electro-magnetic wave) was released and so were gravity waves. The microwaves due to their large quantity form the background, the gravitational waves interfere with the magnetic component of these miceowaves. (Recollect that microwaves are electeomagnetic wave with electric and magnetic fields attached to them).
This interaction between the two waves has already been registerd, providing us with a strong proof for cosmic inflation. This theory now holds a very important place in physics and astrophysics as it has established a link between quantum mechanics(microwaves) and special theory of relativity(gravitational waves). This makes it a great contender for next Nobel Prize in physics.
Now, coming back to the first paragraph,guys do you seriously believe it is really possible? Truthfully I can’t. Its so boring. Yawwwnnn!