Today a quarter of a century ago

4th June 1989, does it ring a bell? 25 years ago, in china some youth were protesting against rampant corruption in the government. The protest was more or less peaceful, but government answered it with bombs and guns. When the parents of the protesters wanted to collect the bodies, they were stopped, and with tanks. People were crushed while sleeping in their tents. The location of this killing was Tiananmen square, so the the event is known all over the world as “Tiananmen Square massacre”.
There is only one place where this event is not talked about; and that is China. The propagandist state media changed the color of the protests as counter revolutionary agitation in which the the soldiers fought bravely against armed Anti-State extremists. I used to think that the new generation perhaps would never even know about it,for the chinese firewall has blocked everything related to 4th June 1989. The hysteria in the government against any such movement is to such an extent that once they concealed the fall in the index of Shanghai Stock Exchange, because it was at a low of 64.89, a number similar to 6th month 4th day of the year 1989.
Fortunately I was proven wrong, as its very difficult to silence intelligent people, who truly believe in higher ideals, they have come up with new code words for the protests like IVVI, i.e., 4th June in roman numerals.

May God save freedom of expression, everywhere ( atheists please help yourselves).